Marketing Opportunities

Marketing partnership packages available at Wilkesboro Raceway Park


WRP the oldest Drag Strip in North Carolina was built and operated in 1955.  It was briefly closed in 1991 to undertake a  million dollar overhaul, basically redoing everything, to make it by far the most state of the art facility of its time.  In 1999 the track was purchased by Danny and Mona Dunn and an additional three hundred thousand dollars was invested in the concession stand, race car garages, electronics, and a number of out buildings.

Marketing partnerships are a big part of the continuing process to expand our market and keep a clean and safe place to race and spectate.

Below are some of the marketing opportunities available at WRP:


Package 1- Scoreboards These are 8 ft x16  ft  about 45 feet in the air on both lanes.These require a five year commitment due to the cost for the sign,The price the first season is $3500 and the remaining  four years $2500. Each time a racers goes through the finish line ,it is announced over the PA system the sponsors name.Also your logo and web link will be posted on our web site.

Please note that the next available Score Bd is in 2013


Package 2 – Winners Circle (exclusive)  10 ft x 20 ft with rock frame, at the starting line area. This requires a 3 year commitment at $3000 the first year and $ 2500 there after.The winners of each catagory has his or hers picture taken with sign for some 15 regional sports page papers weekly.

This option is available 2012


Package 3- Series sponsor (Name rights) All flyers and announcements will bear the sponsors name along with large banners and web site exposure and radio commercials.

One year commitment at $2000 the first year  and $1500 there after ,as an option


Package 4 -4 ft x 8 ft sign displayed near starting line

$500 first year and $400 there after as an option


Package 5 – 2 ft x 8 ft  sign displayed near starting line

$350 first year  and $250 there after as an option

Package 4 and 5 also recieve 2- 30 second PA spots per race


We also can customize your a marketing program to better fit your needs if necesary.  Contact Danny Dunn

336-262-5683 for further information.






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