General Rules and Information 2013

1. Any driver caught drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs will be disqualified and face possible suspension.  Each driver is responsible for the action of thier crew members.

2. No children (14 years and under) are be permitted in the restricted areas (head of staging lane and burnout area).

3.  One crew member allowed on the starting lines (must stay behind the car and not touch they car during staging).

4, Pit area and return road speed limit is 10 mph ( no burn out allowed in these areas ).  No tire smoking (breaking) at the finsh line, that run will be disqualified.

5.  No Deep Staging in Top ET.  Do not final stage your car until your opponent has pre staged.  All classes except Jr Dragster are set on Auto Start, once both vehicles are pre staged, the second vehicle has 10 seconds before the tree is automatically activated.  This predetermined amount of time is called time out.  If the second car fails to stage before the systems times out It will be given a red light Foul.

7. All burn out must be in the designated areas only and using water only.  Crew members are not permitted to hold or touch the vehicle during the burn out.  NO burn outs acrossed the starting lines except vehicles with out front brakes or if the starting line officials give you permissions.  Do not use the water box unless you have racing slicks on your vehicle.(ONLY ONE crew member past the stageing lanes)

8.Absolutly no pit bikes are allowed anywhere off the pavement.  Anyone riding a mini bike,atv,four wheeler or even a bicycle in the pits must have a valid drivers licenses! Parents please keep your kids off the vehicles in the pits.  Also the only reason for a pit vehicle is for the support of a racing team.  Racers you are responsibble for anyone operating your pit vehicle.  The racers competitions number must be clearly displayed on the pit vehicle.You must be 16 or older to drive a pit vehicle.

9. NO Glass containers of any kind are permitted in the race facility.

10. Confirm your dial in on the scoreboard before your do your burn out.  IF it is not correct notified with the an official.  Once your burn out is competed the dial in on the board will be the numbers that stay.  Write your dial in CLEARLY and DARK on the passenger side and windsheild.  You will recieve only one warning and the next time we can not read the dial in you will forfeit that run.  If a dial-in is incorrect on the scoreboard and you accept it, than that is the racer’s responsibility to not stage until it is corrected.

11.  If you’re car brakes in the staging lanes, you will have untill the end of that rounds to have it fixed otherwise your opponents will receive a competition byerun.

12.If a racer has a problem go to the tower and contact the owner,do not bother the staff they have a jobs to do.  The owner will discuss the matter as long as the discussions remains calm.  If foul lanquage or yelling is involved the discussion is over and possible suspensions may follow.  If you touch an employee in an aggressive manner you will be suspended for a year and possible legal action will be taken.

13. Semi final and final rounds will be round robin.  All competitors must return directly to the appointed stageing lane and will have a maximum of 5 minute to be ready to start the burn outs.In the event the car does not return to the stageing lane he will be disqualiffied and his compititor will get a win..In the event neither car returns the money will be split and no final rd points awarded.

14.  Payouts will be done in the Concession Stand, Pay Outs begin after the completion of 3rd round.  Buy Backs can also be purchased there.

15.All Jr Dragsters must be towed at all times when not on the track. This is the only class not on Auto Start. You are allowed one pull back at the line.  There is to be no coaching or touching of the vehicle during eliminations.

16 IHRA safety rules pertaining to safety requirements in bracket type cars will be followed according to your ET .

17 In the event that your vehicle brakes before your class call for 1st rd eliminations, you may receive a brake pass for the the price of your entry fee, less the spectator fee.  You must notify the tower of your brake before elimination begin.

18. Any vehicle running quicker than 8 seconds in the 1/8 mile will be required to wear a helmet during thursday night test and tune

19.  If you come in the lanes after the first pair of cars complete there run in your class, you will be disqualified for that round.

20. All runs will remain as the timing system prints

19. The most important rule is to be enjoy yourself, have fun and be safe.  Good Luck

Tech rules .We will use IHRA tech requirements (see the IHRA 2011 rule book)

Email ddunn@wilkesbororacewaypark .com and I will send you the basic rules .

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  • Martin Richardson  says:

    Motorcycles do they have to be street legal?an do you only run bikes on Thursday?

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